Hey, whats'up guys welcome to our website gadgets-4you.ooo.Today in this post I am going to tell you about 5 amazing gadgets which are available on Amazon or other shopping stores. So without wasting any time, let's know about these 5 awesome gadgets.


Basically, it looks like a pen. And like a tool for whole in teeth. but this is not a pen or a dentist tool. This is an engraver used to write on any surface like metallic surface, wooden surface. It comes with a single battery so first, you need to enter battery into it. And when you turn on this gadgets it feels vibrating. Its top surface is rough and it works very well I tried this in the wooden table and really it's working very well.


Basically, this gadget looks like a rubber band but actually, this is not a rubber band. This is cable protector.it uses for protecting a charging wire. In now days Charging cable easily damaged or broken but this gadget helping you to protect the charging cable you have to set the cable protector into your charging cable and it protects you charging cable. This is awesome gadget guys.


Tripod is a gadget used to hold your camera or smartphone in one place without shaking. when we hold a camera or smartphone in hand and capture an image the captured image looks blurry in another case you capture the image using a tripod the quality of a picture is very good. This tripod is very cheap every person can buy this cheap product many bloggers, youtube use this product to shoot their videos. This product is really awesome you have to try this gadget.


This is very awesome gadget guys. Many people like drawing and to draw like a professional we need many colors, crayons, expensive pencil etc. But don't worry guys this gadgets help's you to create an awesome and professional drawing. The cronzy pen detects natural color and makes a real color. The cronzy pen is smart multiple color pen. If you are a beginner level drawing artist then this gadget is for you.T he cronzy pen size is very small like other pen's but the feature of this pen is very awesome.


Ixigo kavach is looked like a normal lock but it's not a normal lock.there is a fingerprint scanner on the top of this device and it connects to your smartphone easily with Bluetooth. The special feature of this gadget is when any person or a thief theft your suitcase or bag and run 8m away from your phone it creates the electric shield around the bag and thief got shocked. This gadget is the best gadget guys you have to try this gadget.
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