Dell XPS 13 Review

Dell XPS 13 Review

Dell XPS 13 Review
Dell XPS 13 Review


*Dell Xps 13 has 13.3-inch infinity edge display which looks gorgeous
* Performance of Dell Xps 13 is too good but in vore i7 there is a little bit heat problem
*The flagshi model of this laptop costs 1,33,390

Dell XPS model's been most convetable ultrabooks. And nowadays people like low weighted laptops and the Dell XPS series give us best light weighted ultrabooks. Dell recently upgrades his XPS 12 to XPS 13 in March.

As per Dell India's website, there is only SKU  available in the country that comes's with a gold color and core i7 and it costs you a premium.

Let's see the Dell XPS 13 how it works its performance and feature some pros and cons about this laptop so let's get started reviewing Dell XPS 13.


Dell tells that he changes up in the design but when I see this laptop it's very similar to the previous XPS. It feels a bit chunky and it has sharp lines and edges although it retains the tapering chassis of the older model. It's also a bit heavy. the weight of this laptop is nearly 1.3kg for the touchscreen model. Build quality of this laptop is too good. There is Aluminium chassis with carbon fiber for the rest area. For connectivity, there is a USB type c  port in this laptop which supports Thunderbolt 3 which uses in video-out and LAN connections through an adapter that is sold separately.Dell XPS 13 comes with two speaker one speaker on the right side and another one is on the left side. In Dell XPS 13 there is 3200×1800 resolution display with 5.2mm thick bezels. Dell calls it "infinity edge" display and thanks for the lack of border space. The 13.3-inch panel fits into a frame that is usually house much smaller one. The IPS  panel gives us rich colors and great viewing angles, which makes this laptop more popular. the touch screen and high resolution picks up fingerprints due to high-level brightness. the webcam below the display creates awakeward angle while video chatting.

And also it comes with two standard USB 3.0 ports, headphones, microphone combo socket and an SD card slot. HDMI and  Micro-HDMI port are missing here. there are led in this laptop to show how much battery has remained.


The lead adaptation of the XPS 13 that we have shipped with a Skylake-age Core i7-6560U processor, which is somewhat not the same as the i7-6500U that is all the more regularly found in ultrabooks. It has a marginally bring down the base clock and turbo recurrence yet packs in more oomph in the designs division. Rather than the incorporated HD 520 designs, it includes Intel's Iris 540 illustrations, promising better execution.

You additionally get 8GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD, an HD webcam, Wi-Fi b/g/n/air conditioning, and Bluetooth 4.1. We feel a little scammed here on the capacity front as most leaders ultrabooks around this value point (or even lower) now offer 512GB of capacity. It's frustrating to not get that much in spite of the premium.

The PC ships with Windows 10 Home 64-bit alongside a year membership to McAfee LiveSafe, Office 2016 Home and Student Edition, and a group of Dell utilities for driver refreshes.

Price (MRP)-1,33,990


*Awesome design and build quality
*Infinity Edge display
* Good graphics performance and SSD
*Decent battery life
*Speakers are too loud


*got hot quickly
*Webcam Placement
*Low Storage
*Video-out adapter not bundled
Ratings(out of 5)
*Value for money:3

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