Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specification And Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specification And Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specification And Review
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specification And Review

Samsung galaxy note 9

Samsung galaxy note 9 first impression and look: The new Samsung galaxy note series smartphone has a powerful s pen, and a bigger battery, but does people like this or not?

The brand new Samsung galaxy note 9 is here. Samsung galaxy note 9 the as the same feature as other Samsung not series but there is a big improvement in the Samsung s pen stylus. And this is also a largest Samsung Galaxy note phone ever with big screen size and battery too.


The design of Samsung galaxy note 9 is similar to the other Samsung note series, but there is a minor change in this smartphone. Samsung placed the fingerprint on the camera. Samsung thinks this is moa thee natural place for your finger to find it. Samsung galaxy note 9 has the long lasting battery which is 4000 mAh which is the plus point of this phone. the bigger battery makes this phone heavy and the phone is very thicker compare to other note series smartphones. samsung change the edge of this phone and cuts into a "diamond cut" which makes the phone more sleeker.weight of this smartphone is 201 gram and it is IP68 certified and makes it dust and waterproof. The phone is available in four colors: midnight black, metallic copper, lavender purple and ocean blue, the last being the marquee color this time.
but Samsung adds some stylish design in this smartphone.


The best feature of Samsung Galaxy 9 is its stylus s pen. note 9 s pen goes autonomous. A 4 0-second charge inside the phone lets its low-power Bluetooth stay alive for up to 30 minutes before coming back into the phone. This opens up endless possibilities.galaxy Note 9. It can trigger your front or back camera. Anthe d it also works as a remote when you watching Youtube or some other live streaming. The S Pen can also be used to add text to AR emojis. In fact, this is just the beginning, as Samsung is opening up the SDK for developers to create whatever they want for the Samsung stylus.
The s pen is now very clicker when you are presenting something on the large screen of


The Samsung galaxy note 9 dual camera comes with 12mp telephoto lens and 12mp wide angle lens. The f1.5/f2.4 on the wide lens makes it good for low light photography. The other interesting feature is how Samsung is using artificial intelligence to detect the kind of scene you are trying to shoot. The scene detection also gave the images a different feel that went well with the situation it was in.


The Samsung Galaxy 9 comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. But in India Samsung sent oct-core processor smartphone. The Samsung galaxy note 9 a is the powerful phone.Sa Samsung gives 6gb ram and cooling feature inside the phone which is the best feature that I like.



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